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Service Providers

Service Providers

Safe, efficient and innovative suppliers and contractors are strategically important to the success of the Alexander Nubia business units.  Alexander Nubia expects to participate in a fair and competitive marketplace, and to provide a fair evaluation and selection process that is applied consistently to all prospective suppliers.  Alexander Nubia’s systems are designed to ensure the intellectual property of suppliers is protected.
Alexander Nubia operates systems that are based on appropriate methods of competition among qualified suppliers of goods and services.  These systems require that contracting opportunities are publicized to those suppliers deemed capable of meeting Alexander Nubia’s requirements.
Awards will be made to those suppliers who are able to meet the business units’ stated needs and required standards and who make the best offers considering all relevant factors, including health, safety, environment, quality, service, competitive pricing, technical abilities and  consistency with the values articulated in this document.  Responding to tenders depending on the nature of the customer requirement, Alexander Nubia may choose to first approach the market in the form of requests for information or market research.
Pre-qualification and accreditation of suppliers are considered critical to ensuring the safety and quality of goods and services delivered to customers, and may be conducted before suppliers are accepted into a tendering process.
Alexander Nubia typically invites bids from prospective suppliers who are deemed by Alexander Nubia to have the potential to meet the business units’ award criteria.  Alexander Nubia considers electronic tools and market places integral to the way in which it interfaces with markets and suppliers and will employ these systems to engage with the market. Based on the nature of the goods and/or services that are needed by the business units, prospective suppliers may be requested to follow one or more standard Alexander Nubia procedures outlined below.  Suppliers will have access to the form of contract or other terms and conditions on which their bids will be based, the applicable specifications and standards for the goods or services at issue and instructions on the bidding process.
Prospective suppliers may also be asked to submit an online tender in the form of providing pricing and uploading supporting documents, and/or to participate in an online reverse auction, direct negotiation, or a combination of these processes.
During this process, Alexander Nubia is committed to protecting the confidentiality of supplier information, and to ensuring that a fair and consistent process is applied to all prospective suppliers.  When prospective suppliers are invited to respond to a request for tender, Alexander Nubia will provide them with:
  • The terms of engagement for the tender;
  • Documents that clearly define the relevant Alexander Nubia needs, describe the tendering process, and define the business requirements that are being sought; and
  • The form of contract to which the successful supplier will be required to adhere.
  • All prospective suppliers participating in the bidding event will be expected to:
  • Complete and provide truthfully and accurately, all required information by the requested deadline;
  • Provide all relevant information regarding hazards or risks related to the goods or services it intends to provide;
  • Be bound by the terms and conditions included in the tendering process and included in the description of the goods or services received from Alexander Nubia;
Supplier Acknowledges:
  • Have the lawful right to provide the services and/or the goods for which they are submitting a bid; and
  • Supply the goods and/or services after the bidding has closed in the event that they are selected as the preferred supplier.
  • Bids are not able to be retracted, except where permitted by Alexander Nubia.
Alexander Nubia, in consultation with the relevant business units, will consider a variety of factors and will decide which bid, if any, will be accepted or whether all bids  will be rejected.  Among the factors that Alexander Nubia will consider are whether the bidder has complied with all bidding requirements and offered the best bid, as defined by internally agreed selection criteria.  Alexander Nubia also values suppliers who are prepared to actively work on opportunities for value creation with Alexander Nubia business units.  Alexander Nubia recognizes that relationships based on  principles of mutual value creation are journeys and as such require both Alexander Nubia and its suppliers to commit to processes of improvement and actively work together to lift performance over time.
Direct all Service Provider related inquiries to:  vendor@alexandernubia.com