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Access to industry-specific expertise:  Experts who can provide meaningful and relevant advice that is reflective of the highest ethical standards, integrity and real world experience in promoting, developing and nurturing the nations mineral resources. 
Attracting best-of-breed mining and exploration practices:  Mining and exploration companies with sound business ethics, the highest standards of corporate governance, with established technical and operational expertise to efficiently and effectively develop the nations mineral resource potential. 
Access to value-added investment capital:  Attracting investment capital represents only part of the total solution, the other is recognizing not all investors are the same.  Attracting the investment professionals with specialized industry knowledge, relevant industry experience and are recognized within the global capital market, all of which are able to leverage a network that can provide more than the just the dollar value of an investment. 
Validation of mineral potential or resource:  Due to the complex nature of mineral exploration/development continuum, ensuring proper and independent due diligence is essential validate the resource, prospective or its commercialization.  This is further challenged by the project management of identifying and sourcing experts in sub-fields, in-depth and unbiased country analysis, sector specific operational and permit requirements and the securitization of the project. 
National wealth:  Stakeholders cannot lose sight of the importance that the collective interest by investors, government and companies is to ensure that profits are balanced at appropriate risk-adjusted return in return for authorization and access to a nations mineral resource. 
The Alexander Nubia Value Proposition:
We work with governments to promote, develop, get invested and attract mineral and exploration companies, strategic institutional investors and industry recognized-expertise.  Inclusive of leveraging domestic know-how and operational resources to efficiently identify, assess and develop the nations mineral resource stock. 
Our corporate philosophy, as investors and participants is by promoting the interest and participation by other mining companies should increase the nations visibility with the global mining community, which will serve as the rising water that will be to the benefit of all.  Clearly articulating this value proposition, from a global point of view is a key cornerstone in attracting best-of-breed solutions and principal stakeholders.   
We have in-house technical expertise in exploration geologists for precious and base-metals, field managers and mining engineers and when required easy access to sub-sector specialists.  Further, by adhering and ensuring to all aspects of quality control, quality assurance, a methodical step-wise approach to exploration and development combined with independent evaluation of a property of merit, we are able to establish a positive rapport within key global stakeholders. 
Alexander Nubia seeks to establish a positive, mutually beneficial, transparent and collaborative relationship governments and the global investment community.  Working together we will advance the nations resource potential. 
If you would like to learn more about how we can assist please contact us at:  gov@alexandernubia.com