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Partners & Alliances

Partner & Alliances


We constantly are evaluating and seek business relationships where the sum is greater than the parts.  We have two categories of business relationships, Alliances and Partnerships, the appropriateness of one to the other depends on the corporate culture, vision and strategic objectives. 
Alexander Nubia provides a full-suite of skills and resources to evaluate, finance and advance precious and base-metal projects, and in certain select cases, energy and industrial minerals, the later of which can be driven through our extensive resource-sector network. 
Partnership:  Exploration or mining companies interested in expanding their regional footprint, require a full compliment of expertise: technical, financial, corporate, operational and marketing and all the while maintaining and judicially deploying financial resources so as to maximize shareholder value.  The Alexander Nubia Partnership program seeks to establish a number of synergistic areas that will result in cost-savings in procurement, administration, marketing, corporate activities and improved access to external resources. 
Alliances:  The collective effort in developing mineral resource opportunities where Alexander Nubia integrates at a deeper level with a select organization in identifying, analyzing and allocating the collective financial and technical resources to efficiently move a project through the exploration/development continuum.  This process is expedited by incorporating innovative solutions in an industry that typically is a laggard.  As a social business evolves, new techniques, technologies and organization need to be integrated into the overall solution to address new or expanded needs.  Understanding what these options are and how they should fit into the larger social ecosystem is a core component of Alexander Nubia’s Alliance program.  Our constant awareness of new innovations means that collectively we can leverage best-of-breed solutions to optimize the project. 
If your exploration or mining company with a deposit or asset in Africa that would be of interest to Alexander Nubia, we welcome you to submit any Business Development inquiries directly to:   bd@alexandernubia.com