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Technical Experts

Technical Experts

Explore a career with Alexander Nubia~
Attracting and retaining highly respected experts and seasoned field professionals can be a challenge in any sector, though unique to mineral resources is the diverse working landscape.  It involves combining individuals with disparate experiences to make a cohesive, efficient and effective team that is motivated to perform and standup to the challenges of working in an often demanding environment. Alexander Nubia recognizes that specialists, experts with extensive global experiences quickly adapt and are capable of leveraging their collective experiences in tailoring solutions to unique challenges, ultimately providing the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for the circumstances.
Alexander Nubia provides exciting, safe, rewarding experiences with competitive compensation for those with specialized skills we look for in our strategic Team.  Alexander Nubia is on the ground floor of new discoveries attracting bright talent and industry leaders to be involved in a truly dynamic company that seeks to establish and develop the sector in these emerging markets.
The politically stability and warm and friendly people of Egypt establish an inviting environment to live, work and play.  The Egyptian climate: temperate to warm weather year round, within close proximity to the Red Sea’s beaches, ports and cities, as well flights for weekend getaways allow ample opportunity to connect and explore the highlights of the region.
Alexander Nubia is focused on building upon an already successful and experienced technical team in advancing its precious and base-metal deposits in Egypt.  Over the past several years, Alexander Nubia has assembled an experienced management team who brings industry-recognized technical and financial expertise complemented with senior Egyptian-based corporate affairs and operational expertise. 
Our Senior Team works directly with our partners and all branches of government to identify, promote and develop mineral resources in a manner that is exceptional by international mining standards and practices.  We believe in fostering a collaborative and open environment with all stakeholders to establish equitable long-term commercially viable solutions to attract and nurture investment interest.
If you have exceptional skills in the fields of:
  • Technical
  • Logistics and Operations 
  • Junior and Senior Exploration Geologists
  • Drafting and GIS Specialists;
  • Communications / Investor Relations
Join our expert team, email resume & cover letter to:  careers@alexandernubia.com